Met Masts Galetech Energy Services

Met Masts

GES manufactures, supplies and installs a full range of permanent and temporary met masts. All met masts and instrument support booms are designed in accordance with IEC 61400.12.1 and certified in accordance with EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 CE marking standards.


  • Lidar systems
  • Monopole Masts 10-70m
  • Temporary Lattice Masts 30-140m
  • Permanent Lattice Masts 30-140m
  • Freestanding lattice towers up to 90m


  • Full range of anemometry equipment
  • Equipment configuration in accordance with best international practice
  • Third party mast & equipment services available
  • Met mast rental & equipment services available
  • Regular ongoing mast & equipment inspection
  • Met mast maintenance & instrument replacement services provided

Data Monitoring & Verification

  • Data monitoring and verification campaign (weekly on remotely accessible sites)
  • Monthly wind data reports
  • Fault reporting and remediation
  • Preventative maintenance data checks will also be carried out each week, paying close attention to the operational data.

Wind Resource Assessment

  • Wind resource mapping based on ground station, satellite and third party mesoscale data
  • Correlations based on measured mast data and long term reference data
  • Turbine micro siting and layout design optimisation
  • Energy yield prediction and uncertainty analysis
  • Site classification

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