NIRIG Annual Conference 2017 Galetech Energy Services

NIRIG Annual Conference 2017

GES attended the annual NIRIG policy workshop in Belfast on 25th January 2017. The event was well attended and the core message was that renewables is delivering for the economy in Northern Ireland.

NIRIG Conference

2017 already represents another record-breaking year for renewable electricity in Northern Ireland, demonstrating that renewables are now a mainstream provider of electricity, delivering low cost, reliable power the whole year round.

More than 1GW of renewable electricity is now connected locally, a major milestone which led to nearly 50% of our electricity coming from wind on 10-11th January.

Pictured at the event with NIRIG Chair Rachel Anderson (centre), are Donogh O Brien (left), Construction & Operations Manager at GES, and John Fullam (right), Business Development Manager at GES.